OGGI, Chicago is an exciting art gallery, community art center and gathering space in the Heart of Chicago/Pilsen neighborhood.

OGGI’s mission is to create and inspire a healthier community through the arts, while expanding our collaborations with other arts organizations, local businesses, neighborhood schools, children, teen and senior groups, veteran’s organizations and community outreach. OGGI is committed to offering a creative platform for artists of all ages and abilities.

We showcase visual and performing arts, The Bell Box, a monthly music series, a monthly reading series, educational events, classes and art workshops.

Some of our programs have included the Bell Box at OGGI, our monthly music series that has drawn crowds from 30-50 people for the last year. From its inception, the series has been women run with shows being curated by Hope Arthur, Margo Rush and Anna Soltys. OGGI seeks to be a listening room and provide opportunities for local and national talent to come share their gifts. We have hosted and will be hosting a variety of acts from singer/songwriters to traveling variety shows to new music composers. The offering of new sounds, music videos and cd /album release parties has brought tremendous excitement to our community. Our audiences have grown from our neighbors to people who have come to OGGI from outside Chicago, to experience our music and meet the musicians. Audiences and musicians alike, love and find it unique to offer music in an art gallery setting, where they are exposed to incredible music while being surrounded by art.

OGGI received a grant with Soltys Art that provided educational art programming for local high school students, to create, learn and be paid interns for a mosaic public piece of art. The incredible artwork lives on the side of the OGGI, Chicago building!

Bridging Communities – Teen Art Gallery, was a collaboration with After School Matters, exhibiting local teen artists and chefs, from their art and culinary programs. We had the opportunity to host and exhibit over 200 teens during our teen month.

Our local schools have performed at OGGI and have created cards that were given to our Veterans, servicemen and servicewomen, who never have visitors in our local hospital, for Veteran’s Day. Our Veteran’s Day event also had local veteran heroes speak too, a program that was partnered with our community’s American Legion Hall.

Art Van Go Go is our community outreach, traveling to Chicago area communities, providing inspiring art and cultural experiences. We bring experienced artists, facilitators and supplies to communities where there is a lack of funding for art programming.

Our vision is to celebrate the creative spirit in all of us, to energize, encourage, teach and connect while making a difference thru the arts.

We invite you to be part of our OGGI family!

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